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Redactor[edytuj kod]

We have noticed that recently you have acquired a editor role on this wiki. This is due to FlaggedRevs extension configuration which does it automatically after user makes certain amount of edits. You have recently made a lot of edits fixing the license on the files (thank you for that!) so it's not surprising it happened. The editor/redactor role allows for approving edits of other people so their article version can appear for readers. Now, it's very unusual for someone outside of Minecraft Wiki Polska community to get this role since it's a community role of sorts. I'm not sure if you have any plans for editing Minecraft Wiki PL in the future, but I guess you just want to help out with the image licenses and most likely you do not need the additional right to review other edits (yours are automatically approved already). This prompts my question, would you be ok if I removed the editor group from you? Frisk (Dyskusja) 13:56, 5 paź 2019 (UTC)

Hi, I wouldn't mind if you took away the role. Tengoblinekcz (dyskusja) 08:20, 6 paź 2019 (UTC)
Thank you for reply! Frisk (Dyskusja) 08:46, 6 paź 2019 (UTC)