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This template is made to convert a list of items into a slideshow of the items. It can deal with a list containing up to 9 items, separated by a ','.


{{Grid/Crafting Square Slide| Item List | Class Prefix | Image Suffix | Link Prefix | Link Suffix | Link List }}


Lista przedmiotów

A String containing a list of items to show. Items will be shown in the same order they are listed. Each item should be seperated with a ',' and the list should end with a ','. So it will look like this: "item1,item2,item3,".

It importe to NOT add any white spaces before or after the ','. "item1, item2 ," will be parsed as "item1" and " item2" (with a white space at the begining). It is allowed to add space caracters (like white spaces or returns) at the begining or end of the complete String. So " Item1,Item2, " will be pared as "item1" and "item2".

Item name should be a valid item/block names, or numbers (more about numbers here) For now only the standard item are allowed, so no mod items! The template will search for each item in the list for a image named "Grid_ItemName.png" (where ItemName will be an item from the list). The image will link to a page called the same as ItemName. So "item1,item2," will result in [[File:Grid_item1.png|link=item1]] and [[File:Grid_item2.png|link=item2]].

Class Prefix

Each item from the Item List will be puted within a <span class="grid- Class Prefix"></span>. The class prefix can be changed for diferent CSS or JavaScript handling. The current CSS and JavaScript only work with Class Prefix "input", "output" and "output-numbers".

The last one ("output-numbers") also has an special handling as it will not directly generate an image, but will use the {{Grid/Crafting Square Numbers}} template to generate the content of the span. Note that the numers will still be inside a <span class="grid-output-numbers"></span>.

Image Suffix

A suffix to be placed at the beginning of the image name. (usefull for mods)

Link Prefix

A prefix to be placed at the beginning of a link (usefull for mods)

Link Suffix

A suffix to be placed at the and of a link (usefull for foreign languages)

Link List

This is a list of links, to be used when sliding nummers


Example with a list of items:

{{Grid/Crafting Square Slide|Drewno dębu,Dębowe deski,Patyk,|input}}


Grid Drewno dębu.pngGrid Dębowe deski.pngGrid Patyk.png

Example with a list of numbers:

{{Grid/Crafting Square Slide|1,22,3,|output-numbers}}


GridNumbersCSS.png GridNumbersCSS.pngGridNumbersCSS.png
Note that 1 is not shown, because it's not done in Minecraft to.