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Used to easily link to different comments of a reddit thread.

Usage[edytuj kod]

This template allows you to assign names to particular reddit threads, which can then be used in other reddit links on that page.

If the first parameter (required) matches an already defined name, that thread and subreddit will be used, otherwise this is used as the thread name.

The second parameter is the comment ID.

The name parameter will assign the thread to the specified name.

The sub parameter can change the link to a different subreddit.

The context parameter allows your to change the level of context comments provided in addition to the linked comment, or removed entirely by setting it to 0. The default is 1.

The ? parameter allows you to add any queries to the link, overwriting the default context query.

Examples[edytuj kod]

Simple link to a thread. If the link is not going to be used to link to a comment, only the id before the first forward slash is required.


Simple link to a comment in a thread.


Assign a name to a thread, and also link to a comment in that thread.


Link to the same thread using the previously assigned name, but link to a different comment.


Remove comment context


Add a query to the link.


Link to a thread in a different subreddit, which will be saved with the thread under the specified name.