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Southeastern United States of America, but usually the Internet

Hey, I'm an editor of Gamepedia. I am an administrator and bureaucrat on the Minecraft Wiki and I also have admin rights on the English variants of the Minecraft Wiki, Terraria Wiki, and Gamepedia Help Wiki. You can find more info about me on my userpage. In addition, I am a member of GRASP, which means I'm able to block users, rollback edits, and delete unwanted pages on all Gamepedia wikis, as long as I keep within the boundaries of only handling obvious vandalism and spam.

I have a bot named Madbot121 that is able to perform bot tasks on the Minecraft Wiki and RollerCoaster Tycoon World Wiki, but it's not registered as a bot on any other Gamepedia wikis.

I can confirm that User:Madminecrafter12_test is my alternate account, used for (you guessed it!) testing purposes. Oh wait, I lost the password, I can't use it anymore...

Feel free to leave me a message on my talk page if you have any questions or need help with something wiki-related!

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